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WRR Support System

What is the Fleet Assure Work-related Road Risk Support System?

Fleet Assure provides a web-based WRR Support System allowing users to manage fleet, driver and associated records with minimal administrative burden. The system provides reports for key compliance tasks and centralised records accessible by any part of your business.

What you get from the Fleet Assure WRR Support System

Fleet database

  • Create reports for: 
  • Identify which vehicles are ULEZ compliant
  • Identify which vehicles need tachograph
  • Identify if Tracker fitted
  • Identify if Satnav fitted
  • Filter vehicles by type
  • Upload and store associated documentation

Driver Database

  • Create reports:
    Licence check
    Licence Expiry
    Eye checks
    Medicals (where required)
  • Penalty points check date- frequency dependant on points held
  • Allocate a vehicle to a driver
  • Induction and Driver assessment
  • Training held/ required
  • Ability to Tow 
  • Electronic daily check form 
  • Monthly report on drivers’ daily checks 
  • Ability to upload and store associated documentation

WRR Support System

Number in FleetCharge 
(Paid monthly)
(Paid annually)
1 – 99£29£298

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