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WRR Overview

What is Work-Related Road Risk? 

It is the risk that one of your employees could be involved in an accident while driving for work, with the potential to injure the driver or other road users, or damage vehicles and property. 

  • It can put your staff at risk
  • It can put other road users at risk 
  • It can cost your organisation a lot of money
  • It can put you, your organisation and your reputation at risk 
  • You have a legal duty to manage it properly. 

Health and safety at work legislation requires all employers to carry out an assessment of the risks posed to employees by their work activities, as well as the risks those activities may pose to others outside the business. 

The Health and Safety Executive has made it clear that company vehicles are an extension of the workplace – This is why nobody is allowed to smoke in a company vehicle, because the same rules that relate to workplace health and safety also apply to driving for work. 

The law applies to both company and grey fleet vehicles. A grey fleet vehicle is owned and driven by a worker for business purposes. Vehicles used under cash allowance schemes are grey fleet too

The risks involved in driving for work must be identified, assessed, and safe working practices put in place to ensure those risks are minimised as far as possible. 

To comply with this legislation: 

  • Your organisation must not do anything that puts drivers at risk.
  • Your organisation’s work-related driving activities must not endanger other road users. 
  • Directors must put appropriate policies and procedures in place to ensure this is so.
  • All employees must always follow those policies and procedures. 

You must be able to prove that all this had been done, that compliance is being monitored, and that further interventions are made where necessary. 

The Fleet Assure Work-related Road Risk (WRR) Assessment and Support System can help with these requirements

3 Million

company owned vehicles on the road

 (not including grey fleet)


of company cars have insurance claims annually


injuries to employees through ‘at work’ road accidents

Driving 25000

miles for work gives same fatality risk as working in construction

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