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How managing your fleet helps your business

WRR Support System

A web based WRR Support System allowing users to manage fleet, driver and associated records with minimal administrative burden. The system provides reports for key compliance tasks and centralised records accessible by any part of your business.

WRR Assessment

Aligned to Highways England’s Driving for Better Business Programme, Fleet Assure provide an independent assessment which establishes compliance for your own peace of mind as well as demonstrating to your clients that you are undertaking your legal duties regarding road transport.

How Suppliers can prepare and demonstrate compliance

Develop System

Develop Policies and Management Systems

Carry out driver checks:


Licence validity


Setup maintenance schedules

Manage WRR

Brief staff on new processes

Induct drivers and assess capability

Drivers’ carryout and record pre-use checks

Demonstrate Compliance

Undertake Fleet Assure WRR Assessment

Share Fleet Assure WRR certificate with clients

Quality service

Great support